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ViraFend is a daily dietary supplement that is a scientifically validated Virus Attachment Inhibitor and Virus Reproduction Regulator. ViraFend can support your body’s defense against viruses attaching to human host cells, which is necessary for viruses to reproduce in the body. If a virus cannot attach to a human cell, it cannot reproduce.



  • What is ViraFend?

    ViraFend is a powerful immune booster that inhibits virus attachment, regulates virus reproduction and adds the immune boosting power of L-Lysine to give you the maximum defense against multiple viruses.

    ViraFend is a unique natural supplement whose active ingredient – Activated Humic Acid – has been demonstrated to be a significant Virus Attachment Inhibitor, in that it works to interfere with a virus’ ability to complete its attachment to a human host cell.

    If a virus, (such as the Herpes virus which causes Cold Sores and genital outbreaks, or the Flu virus, or the Shingles virus -H. zoster) cannot attach to a human host cell, it is unable to insert its genetic material into the host cell, and cannot trick the host cell into acting as an incubator to reproduce the virus.

    ViraFend has been demonstrated in numerous scientific studies to effectively ‘coat’ the outside envelope of viruses, interfering with their ability to complete attachment to its target human host cell.

  • How does ViraFend® work?

    Viruses can not reproduce by themselves. In order to reproduce, a virus must first attach itself to and infect a human host cell, and hijack that cell’s reproductive mechanisms to replicate.

    Viruses hijack human host cells as incubators to reproduce millions of new virus particles. Each new virus particle then exits the host cell to find a new host cell to attach to and infect, and the cycle repeats over and over.

    If a virus organism can’t attach to a human host cell, the virus life cycle can’t proceed, and the virus is inhibited from reproducing in the body. This is known as ‘Virus Attachment Inhibition’. This is what ViraFend® does!

  • How often do I take ViraFend®?

    ViraFend Virus Defense Formula is a vegetarian capsule taken as a dietary supplement once or twice a day, with or without food. There are no known side effects, and ViraFend can be taken with any other medication. If your immune system is compromised, we recommend a daily dosage of 2x a day.

  • What is ViraFend's active ingredient?

    ViraFend’s active ingredient: Activated Humic Acid, is a low molecular weight poly -anionic molecule that occupies the positivitely charged domains of the viral envelope glycoproteins which are necessary for virus attachment to the host cell surface. 

  • Are there any side effects seen with ViraFend?

    ViraFend is typically well tolerated and has been used by thousands of patients. Patients who are infected with viruses, they can sometimes experience fatigue, malaise or flu-like due to the body’s immune system responding to viruses being killed off.