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Together Heather and Sean, have The Woodlands all-inclusive Private Fitness and Wellness facility offering Hormone Replacement Therapy, Weight Loss Programs , BioTe Hormone Pellets, IV Vitamin Replacement, Nutrient, Metabolic, Gut & Genetic Testing, Nutritional Guidance, Group and Personal Training. Family owned and operated since 2012. 

Our mission is to optimize your quality of life by treating the whole person. At Rejuve Wellness, it is our goal is to teach a lifestyle change while promoting restoration of health and wellness, as well as increasing longevity. We work closely combining fitness and wellness to offer programs and nutritional coaching to physically & emotionally strengthen, reduce ailments and optimize results.


J. Thomas

My experience with Heather at was great. Through her advise on diet, supplements and hormone therapy. I lost 40 pounds in 6 weeks. I feel better with more energy, attitude and feel stronger with my workouts. My blood pressure was elevated and now after loosing weight it is great. I can now stop taking blood pressure medication, because it is within normal limits.

Sean Smith, CPT

Personal Trainer

Sean Smith is a certified personal trainer and life coach who has been in the industry for 16+ years and has an extensive background in weight training, nutrition, weight loss, and contest prep for competitors. He also has experience in sports training and rehabilitation. His sports background includes football, basketball and baseball.

Sean has overcome many obstacles in his life including 2 cardiac surgeries. He hopes to continue to help others overcome obstacles in their life, while motivating them to achieve personal goals. Sean has also been a competitive bodybuilder in the NPC since 2000 and has been helping other competitors with their nutrition, training and posing for the past 8 years.

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Heather Smith, WHNP-BC

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

Heather Smith, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner & BioTe
provider, specializes in helping patients regain their health and achieve overall wellness by balancing their hormones and giving them back the energy they once had. She finds that many patients live with fatigue, lack motivation & sex drive and struggle with losing weight leading to a negative impact on their quality of life.

Having struggled with weight herself after having 7 children & under-going infertility treatments while also suffering from low thyroid, she has experienced firsthand what it takes to achieve and maintain a healthy weight & make the necessary lifestyle changes to reach optimal wellness. In addition to being a Nurse Practitioner, & fit mom of 7, Heather is a Certified Personal Trainer and national level fitness competitor.

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